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Cheaper holiday parking at Belfast International

holiday parking discount

Like many savvy travellers across the province, you’ve worked to get the best value for your holidays. The flights are booked well in advance and your accommodation is sorted. But what about parking your car at the airport?  Well if you’re here because you want Belfast International Airport parking discount codes, I’ve got you covered. […]

How to Prepare Your Home For Winter

how to prepare your home for winter

September is almost gone and by this stage, many of us are starting to think about the cold weather. It’s time to prepare your home for winter and hopefully save a little bit of money by doing so. And it is often cheaper, quicker and often easier to preemptively prepare your home for the cold […]

What Is A Sinking Fund?

what is a sinking fund

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t know what a sinking fund was until last year. The term sinking fund was something I’d never heard of before and I talk about saving money every day. The shame. But like anything in life, we don’t know, what we don’t know and every day is an opportunity […]

How To Save £10K FAST

how to save 10k fast

According to research by, 31% of us save less than £100 per month and nearly 26% of those surveyed have less than £1000 saved at all. Combined with the cost of living crisis making our daily lives even more expensive, how can we go from nothing to saving up £10,000 in one year?  A […]

Nectar Card Changes: Introducing Nectar Prices

nectar prices

Sainsbury’s has just announced changes to their Nectar loyalty programme. And for the eagle-eyed shoppers among us, their new scheme looks somewhat similar to the Tesco Clubcard pricing, where you get the best prices in-store and online when you use your loyalty card. Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices will offer lower prices for every loyalty programme customer […]

Boots Advantage Card Changes: Here’s What You Need to Know

Boots Advantage Card Changes

Boots, one of the UK’s leading health and beauty retailers, is changing its Advantage Card loyalty programme by reducing the number of points earned per pound spent from 4p to 3p, from May 2023. This change is understood to be a response to customers’ desire for immediate discounts rather than having to wait to accrue […]

How to avoid the Sky TV & Broadband price increase

avoid sky broadband tv price increase

Sky has just announced that their TV and Broadband prices are due to increase by 8.1% this April, putting the price of their broadband and TV up by an average of £5.60 per month or £67 per year. This comes on the back of an average increase of £3.60 in 2022. Booooo. In this article, […]

5 Top Valentines Day Money Saving Tips

valentines day money saving tips

Let’s be completely honest here. Saying you show love and affection to your partner the other 364 days a year, does not negate the fact that they will want at least a token acknowledgement of that love and affection on St. Valentine’s Day. And before you moan and groan about it, no I’m not suggesting […]

Financial detox – The ultimate guide

financial detox

Christmas is a time for indulging and splurging. It is also a time for giving, receiving, spending and of course, enjoying yourself. Even if you haven’t been extravagant this Christmas, sometimes we overdo things or spend beyond our means. The financial hangover from our decisions can often last long after the memories fade. Do you […]