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Earning more is one of the fastest ways to achieve financial independence. Follow our tips and strategies to help you earn more money, quicker and easier

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welcome to foundered - Achieve Financial Freedom

Welcome to foundered

This website is focused on business, money and personal development. It is targeted to people like you, ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners looking to develop and

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Increase your income and make more money

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, your primary goal of employment should be to increase your income. The more we earn (and less we spend), the easier it is to achieve financial independence. We’ll cover all manner of topics here to help you build your income fast and securely:  including starting a business, building a business, selling a business, side hustles, remote working, sales and negotiation.

There is no shortcut to long term success, but process and experience will direct you there in the most efficient manner. Learn from our mistakes, so you don’t make them also! We’ve made many…..