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Save the Date: How to Start a Business

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Before I started my own business, the largest salary I ever earned was £20,000. I was not a high earner. And this could have been the path I followed for the rest of my career, except for my turn to entrepreneurship. It was not that I lacked talent and education, or the will to thrive in my role. This was the maximum level of income I could achieve from the roles available at that time.

Yes, my income would have grown as my career progressed, and who knows where I would have ended up. But looking back over my career and working with thousands of other entrepreneurs in that time, I fully believe that owning your own business is the quickest and most secure way of building wealth.

One job is riskier than many clients

Look there’s no way to sugarcoat this. Starting and running a business is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. I sacrificed a lot, but the rewards were worth it.

When you think about the working world, you might think that working for an employer is pretty secure. You have income stability and workplace protection. Yet with the significant level of redundancies this year, it’s easy to understand that job security is all but a myth.

Instead of waiting for payday on the last Friday of the month. What if you got paid over and over and over?

Fear of failure is not an excuse

I’ve made thousands of mistakes and I’ve failed at tasks more times than I care to remember. Yet, each of these learnings has shaped me into the business person I became. You will fail and you will learn from this. As long as you can protect yourself from the worst and make informed decisions, then you will be stronger for them.

How to start a profitable business

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