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Why you’ll never be able to retire

We’ve been sold a dream that in our golden years we’ll be roaming around Tenerife drinking pina coladas, playing bingo and generally enjoying the spoils of decades of work. But, you’ll probably never be able to retire. And that might sound sensationalist or a clickbait title. I promise it’s not. As a general rule, I […]

5 Money Tips For Your 20s & 30s

5 money tips for your 20s and 30s

Most of us don’t learn about personal finance in school. And many of us aren’t taught significant or positive money lessons from our parents. Often we follow a similar path, doing similar things the way they did. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not their fault. Nor is it yours. That’s just the way things […]

5 Reasons To Retire As Soon As You Can

Early retirement is the dream of many around the world.  You work hard, save and put your money to work for you over decades. You do so to one day retire and leave the workforce behind. For most people, this is a normal life and once they hit the age of retirement, it’s time to […]

What No One Tells You About Early Retirement

what no one tells you about early retirement

Retiring early sounds great. You have no boss and with no job, you can fill the day however you want. If you plan to sit on the beach drinking pina coladas, that’s just fine. Golf seven days a week, that’s absolutely your choice. But you might be surprised to hear that retirement may not be […]

Listen to me on “The Money Gains Podcast”

The money gains podcast

A few weeks back I was invited onto the newly launched “The Money Gains Podcast” hosted by Sammie Ellard-King. Sammie was one of the very first people to welcome me into the personal finance community and since then has been a huge influence and supporter of the foundered site and content. When he asked me […]

What Do I Do With My p45 When I Retire Early?

what do I do with my p45 when I retire early

So you’re retiring early and amongst the other life admin activities you must complete, dealing with the taxman is up there with the most important! So….you want to know “what do I do with my p45 when I retire early?” The answer is: not a lot. We’ll explain the reasons why below! What is a […]