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Types of Savings Accounts In The UK: A Comprehensive Guide

types of savings accounts uk

As someone looking to build wealth, setting a household budget is the first step to making headroom between your income and your salary. When we can save money with every paycheque, we can pay down debt, start an emergency fund, put some of these savings into our investments and if we focus hard enough one […]

What are Junior ISAs and Junior SIPPs?

junior isa junior sipp

I eagerly anticipated the birth of my daughter for two reasons. The first was of course to finally meet her and welcome her into this world. The second was to open up her own personal Junior ISA, so she could achieve those sweet compounding interest gains. Is this true? Yes. Sad? Also yes! As parents, […]

What is an ISA? – Individual Savings Account

what is an isa - individual savings account

An Individual Savings Account or as it is commonly abbreviated to “ISA”, is a type of tax-advantaged savings and investment account available to residents of the United Kingdom. ISAs were introduced by the UK government in 1999 to encourage saving and investing among individuals. The main advantage of an ISA is that any interest, dividends, […]

How much I should save in cash versus investing?

how much should I save in cash versus investing

One of the most popular questions I am asked is how much I should save in cash versus investing. You should always save the following in cash: Then any extra money you have should be put towards your investments. My approach to saving versus investing I take the view that any saving and investing should […]