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5 Myths About FIRE And Early Retirement

5 Myths About FIRE And Early Retirement

As someone who talks a disproportionate amount of time about the financial independence retire early movement, I’m often told “facts” by people who are questioning the legitimacy of my being able to retire early. I completely get it, an early retirement isn’t normal. It seems extreme and to some, it probably is. But by pitting […]

What is Lean FIRE?

what is lean fire financial independence retire early

Lean FIRE is often the most common mental image conjured up when people think about financial independence. It is also the most misunderstood, with some people believing that living frugally means a life of deprivation. And they couldn’t be more wrong. For many, a minimal or frugal life is incredibly rewarding and a choice they […]

The 6 Types of Financial Independence Retire Early

types of financial independence

I first heard about the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement in 2011. I’ll be honest; I kept it a secret from everyone, except my closest family and friends, until 2023. In 2011, saying that you were going to retire early meant a couple of years before your private or state pension was accessible. To […]

What is financial independence retire early (FIRE)?

financial independence retire early

What if you never had to worry about money ever again? What would your life be like if work was optional. For a growing number of people across the world, this is their new reality. No they haven’t won the lottery or received a huge inheritance. These people have learned about the Financial Independence, Retire […]