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What is the McDonald’s Gold Card?

mcdonald's gold card

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This year as part of the McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel prize draw competition, the international fast-food giant announce the exclusive giveaway of 1,000 VIP McDonald’s Gold Cards. What are they and how do I get one?

Free McDonald’s meals? Yes, please!

McDonald’s launched the elusive gold card as part of the McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel free prize draw. During the competition, 1,000 VIP McDonald’s Gold Cards were up for grabs by customers lucky enough to win these via the McDonald’s App.

What can I get with my McDonald’s gold card?

Unlike the Nando’s black card which offers unlimited food for the holder and their guests, the McDonald’s gold card comes with limits on what can be ordered. From the terms and conditions, we can see that the gold card holders receive one free meal a week and this can include the following.

• Consumers will get a choice of a 3-part combo (Main+ Side + Drink) to include the following:
• ANY Sandwich (Include Wraps, Salads, Normal Sandwich’s and Promos
• ANY Side (Cheese, Medium Fries, Side Salad, Fruit Bag etc…
• ANY Medium Drink (Shakes, Blended Ice, Hot Drinks etc…)
• Consumers can choose to take their free meal offer at either breakfast or main day

Can I buy a McDonald’s Gold Card separately?

Unfortunately, even if you’re Ed Sheerin the only way to get a McDonald’s Gold card is to win one. Originally these were prizes for the 2022 McDonald’s Monopoly, but due to their popularity, they have become prizes for further competitions including the Halloween Trick or Eat promotion.

We hope they become a prize to be won in all major campaigns going foward.

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How to win a McDonald’s gold card?

McDonald’s Monopoly

The McDonald’s gold cards were originally released as part of the 2022 McDonald’s Monopoly free prize draw. Only 1,000 were given away. Their announcement and then the following social media presence following the competition have increased awareness of this highly elusive card. You can’t buy one and you don’t need to be a music star to get one.

MCDonald’s Trick’ or ‘Eat

Just announced this week, is the McDonald’s Trick or Eat competition being run via the McDonald’s app, all the way up until the 31st October 2022. Customers have a chance to win a VIP McDonald’s Gold Card by playing the competition in the app.

If the customer chooses a Trick option, then they will be randomly allocated one of five offers, which include

  • 15% off your order
  • £1.49 core menu item
  • Spend £20, save £5
  • 5% off your order

During the promotion, one McDonald’s VIP Gold Card will be put up as a prize to win each day. That’s 7 Gold Card Winners who can get a free McDonald’s every week of the year.
T&Cs available at

What can I order with a McDonald’s Gold Card

 The Gold Card is awarded exclusively via a McDonald’s App account and comprises a once-weekly offer, providing the choice of meal. Gold Card holders can choose from either:

1. A breakfast main, side and drink each in a medium or regular-size ordered together as a single transaction between 5am but before 11am, or

2. A main, side and drink each selected in a medium or regular-size from the menu items served after 11am ordered together as a single transaction after 11am but before 5am.


The McDonald’s Gold Card is solely for prize winners of the McDonald’s competitions and allows the holder to get one free meal each week for a year. Holders can choose one regular/medium breakfast or regular/medium-sized meal each week from the McDonald’s menu. The gold card is stored within your MyMcDonald’s app and this can be accessed/used via the OFFERS section n the app.

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