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How much is a Haven Play Pass?

how much is a haven play pass

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Whenever you book your staycation with Haven, you have the option of booking a Haven Hideaway or a Haven Holiday package. It’s important to understand what the difference is before you book. This will help you ensure you plan the perfect holiday. If you’ve booked a private rental direct with an owner then you’ll definitely need to know what the Haven Play Pass is! Read on.

Updated for 2023 on 20th February 2023

What is Haven?

Haven own and operate 38-holiday parks around England, Scotland and Wales. These camping, touring caravan and static caravan sites are a huge hit with those looking to holiday within the UK. Every Haven Park is situated on the coast of England, Scotland or Wales and brings together comfy affordable accommodations, awesome activities and award-winning entertainment.

I like to think of Haven as an awesome activity park for all ages. There’s something for everyone and for the most part it’s included in the price of your Haven Play Pass. What’s not to like?

What is the Haven play pass?

A Haven Hideaway includes accommodation, restaurants, takeaways and arcades, whereas a Haven Holiday includes all of the above and the Haven Play Pass, which allows you entry to Haven entertainment venues and pools, as well as the ability to book activities. If you’ve booked directly with a private owner and you want to make avail of the entertainment or facilities you’ll need to purchase a separate play pass. Visit 4 weeks before arrival to purchase your Play Passes.

If you have booked a Haven Hideaway holiday please note Play Passes are not available for Haven Hideaway guests.

Haven play pass cost 2023

The cost of the Haven Play Pass differs by location and generally depends upon the level of activities available. In addition to the location, the dates you stay at your Haven park will also determine the price. Peak weeks at Haven will see the price of the play pass increase between 40% and 50%.

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Peak dates 2023

At Haven Holiday Parks in England and Wales, the peak dates for Haven Play Passes are 31 March-16 April, 26 May-4 June, 21 July-03 September, 20 October-5 November

At the Craig Tara & Seton Sands Haven Holiday Parks in Scotland, peak dates for the Play Passes are 31 March-16 April, 26 May-4 June, 30 June-13 August, 25-27 August, 13-22 October.

Off-peak dates 2023

All other dates outside of the above-noted peak dates are considered off-peak and the prices noted below should apply to them. Pricing is always subject to change, so to lock in the best prices it is advisable to book your Play Passes early.

Summer holidays from only £279 at Haven – Click here to book now!

Haven Play Pass peak and off peak prices

Please note that all prices are updated as of 20th February 2023 and taken directly from the site.

Caister-on-Sea, Devon Cliffs, Craig Tara, Hafan y Mor, Seashore

 3 or 4 nights7 nights
 Off PeakPeakOff PeakPeak
2 bedroom cap£133.00£195.00£209.00£312.00
3 bedroom cap£168.00£252.00£270.00£424.00

Allhallows, Combe Haven, Golden Sands, Haggerston, Hopton, Kiln Park, Lakeland, Marton Mere, Perran Sands, Presthaven Sands, Primrose Valley, Thorpe Park

 3 or 4 nights7 nights
 Off PeakPeakOff PeakPeak
2 bedroom cap£124.00£176.00£193.00£280.00
3 bedroom cap£155.00£228.00£249.00£381.00

Blue Dolphin, Burnham-on-Sea, Cala Gran, Church Farm, Doniford Bay, Greenacres,  Littlesea, The Orchards, Quay West, Rockley Park, Seton Sands, Thornwick Bay, Weymouth Bay, Wild Duck

 3 or 4 nights7 nights
 Off PeakPeakOff PeakPeak


2 bedroom cap£108.00£160.00£174.00£261.00
3 bedroom cap£136.00£205.00£221.00£337.00

Berwick, Lydstep, Reighton Sands, Skegness

 3 or 4 nights7 nights
 Off PeakPeakOff PeakPeak
2 bedroom cap£101.00£133.00£147.00£222.00
3 bedroom cap£128.00£168.00£189.00£284.00

When does Haven open in 2023?

The majority of Haven Holiday Parks open on the 10th March 2023 and close on the 6th November 2023. They are open for bookings continuously between these dates.

The only notable exception to the above dates is the Perran Sands Holiday Park which also opens on the 10th March 2023, but closes slightly early on the 27th October 2023.

All of the Haven parks offer short breaks of 3 or 4 nights and weekend stays. For those looking to spend a bit longer, there are many guests who stay for a couple of months at a time.

List of all Haven Holiday Parks

  • Hafan y Mor Holiday Park
  • Craig Tara Holiday Park
  • Seton Sands Holiday Park
  • Berwick Holiday Park
  • Haggerston Castle Holiday Park
  • Lakeland Holiday Park
  • Cala Gran Holiday Park
  • Marton Mere Holiday Park
  • Wild Duck Holiday Park
  • Seashore Holiday Park
  • Hopton Holiday Park
  • Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park
  • The Orchards Holiday Park
  • Blue Dolphin Holiday Park
  • Allhallows Holiday Park
  • Combe Haven Holiday Park
  • Church Farm Holiday Park
  • Weymouth Bay Holiday Park
  • Seaview Holiday Park
  • Rockley Park Holiday Park
  • Littlesea Holiday Park
  • Doniford Bay Holiday Park
  • Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Park
  • Devon Cliffs Holiday Park
  • Riviere Sands Holiday Park
  • Wild Duck Holiday Park
  • Perran Sands Holiday Park
  • Seashore Holiday Park
  • Hopton Holiday Park
  • Caister-on-Sea Holiday Park
  • Thorpe Park Holiday Park
  • Skegness Holiday Park
  • Golden Sands Holiday Park
  • Lydstep Beach Holiday Park
  • Kiln Park Holiday Park
  • Presthaven Holiday Park
  • Hafan y Môr Holiday Park
  • Greenacres Holiday Park
  • Thornwick Bay Holiday Park
  • Reighton Sands Holiday Park
  • Primrose Valley Holiday Park

How to buy the Haven play pass?

If you have booked directly with Haven firstly check to see if your play pass is included in your holiday. If not or you have booked with a private owner on a Haven park, you’ll need to purchase a Haven Private Play Pass and the costs noted above will be applicable. To book your play pass, you will need your Haven registration number which will be on your booking. To get this the owner needs to register your booking with Haven and then send you the relevant details. (Sounds lengthy but it’s pretty straightforward).

With those details, you’ll be shown the options to book your Haven Play by visiting the website and entering your details. The relevant costs and options will be shown and you can buy with your debit or credit card.


The Haven play passes are available from as little as £9 but can reach up to £354 depending on the number of guests, the length of time you stay and whether or not this is a peak or non-peak week. The Haven Play passes are great value and allow you to make the most of your staycation at Haven park.

Before you book your Haven holiday it is important to note that Play Passes are not available for Haven Hideaway guests.

For more information or to book your Haven play pass, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the previous name for the play pass?

The Haven Play Pass was previously known as Fun Passes and Entertainment Pass.

What is a stay-and-play package?

The Haven Stay+Play package was launched in 2021 and it allows guests to explore all the activities that Haven Parks have to offer. If you want to splash around in Haven’s indoor and outdoor pools that’s fine by them. Enjoy the range of daytime and evening entertainment in the Showbar. No problem! You’ll also get access to over 100 different activities from aerial adventures to karting. Haven is known across the country for its extensive list of activities for guests of all ages and abilities.

What is the difference between Haven Stay+Play and Haven Hideaway?

With the Haven Hideaway your accommodation is included, but the onsite entertainment and activities are not. Consider the Haven Stay+Play as the more comprehensive option where your entertainment and activities are included.

Can you use the Haven play pass if you are not staying there?

Play passes are only available to registered guests of Haven. If you are not staying in one of their parks, they are not available for purchase separately.

What ages do the child play pass include?

The child play pass is for children aged 4-15 years old. Children under the age of 4 do not require a play pass.

I’m not staying at a Haven park, but I would like to use their facilities. Can I buy a single day play pass?

Haven Play passes are only available in 3 night, 4 night or 7 night plans. Single day passes are not available to purchase. Passes are only available to guests staying at a Haven park.

To book your play pass you will need a registration code provided by your tour operator, Haven or the person you are renting your caravan from. Without this, you will not be able to book a Haven Play Pass. Only guests staying at Haven parks will therefore be allowed to purchase passes.

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