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What to do if you are affected by the collapse

Are you one of the 12,000 customers awaiting products from You may not be able to get a refund from the firm, but below we’ll show you how you may still be able to claim one from your credit card or bank.

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After a few weeks of speculation and news articles, the online furniture firm has gone into administration. It adds nearly 400 further job losses in the news headlines this week. In addition, over 12,000 customers will not have their orders fulfilled and will not be receiving a refund from the company.

Where is my order?

If your order had left the factories and is with a delivery company or courier, then your order should be completed as expected.

For those customers who have paid, but their orders have not already been shipped, then your order will not be processed further. You will not be given a refund from the company and your order will no longer be shipped.

How did you pay for your order?

It is important to note how you paid for your products. If you paid with a debit card and the cost was less than £100, then you might be unable to request a chargeback. Though this may not be possible, it is always worth trying.

For customers that used their credit card for their purchase then you have the option to communicate with your credit card provider to request a refund. This will be under section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act.

Section 75 refund

Under section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act, any purchase made with a credit card over the value of £100 and under £30,000 is the joint responsibility of the supplier and the credit card provider. It is their responsibility to ensure the item is as described, not faulty and that it is delivered.

In the absence of being able to communicate with on this, then you should request this from your credit card provider.

Will Next fulfil my order?

Next is reported to be buying the brand name for, however, it will not be buying the remaining assets and stock. While it is likely that the name will remain in the marketplace, this will be a completely different company and they will not be completing your order.

Can I return my damaged or faulty items? are no longer accepting returns. If your item was faulty or not as described, then you will have to follow the above advice to claim for this under Section 75.

Recap were one of the success stories of the pandemic, but their business vanished as the markets changed over the past 12 months. It has left thousands across the UK & Ireland without the furniture their orders and worrying about their refund options. There will be many left out of pocket, but those who have purchased with a credit card may be able to request a refund from their card provide under section 75.

If you are affected by the collapse then take action immediately to speak to your bank or credit card provider.

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