Ski Resort Guides​

Ski Resort Guides

Choosing a ski resort for your 1st or even 100th ski trip can often be a myriad of decisions. Where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do are all common questions we ask. Where other ski resort guides are informative, they regularly lack the detail even a seasoned traveller wants. On occasion they may also be biased towards the advertisers or owners of the site! Our guides will be biased also of course, but our focus is solely on providing an honest opinion of previous trips we’ve made and experiences we’ve had.

You’ll also note the absence of negative experiences on our resort guides. Thats not to say, we wouldn’t recommend any business not presented, but rather those identified provided experiences and services we’d highly recommend. 

Independent Ski Resort Guides

Our ski resort guides give you the information you actually need to enjoy your next best skiing or snowboarding adventure. If you decide to use any of the services we mention, please let the service provider know it came from us. 

European Ski Resort Guides

As our experience with international ski resorts widens we will only be too delighted to provide a series beyond Europe. However, only being experienced with French, Austrian, Italian and Bulgarian Ski Resorts, our guides will primarily focus on this for the time being.

French Ski Resort Guides

Morzine, Les Gets, Montriond & Chamonix

With the French Alps almost on our doorstep, its no wonder France is a firm favourite with tourists from the UK & Ireland. We’ve skied France more times than we can remember and while we will move to different resorts over time, Morzine, Les Gets, Montriond & Chamonix have become our go to family ski trip destinations.

Austrian Ski Resort Guides


Oh Mayrhofen….where it’s acceptable to drink the national drink for breakfast (Jaegermeister) and the Apres Ski is world renowned. Red 7 is a firm favourite among our group of mixed-ability skiers. The beauty of the Tyrol area is only matched by the efficiency of the ski instructors.

Italian Ski resort Guides


One of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. Livingo situated in the far north of Italy was once so remote, there

Bulgarian Ski Resort Guides


Scottish Ski Resort Guides

Lecht, Aviemore

Background to Our Past & Future Ski Trips

Planning a Ski Trip with your family

We usually travel as a family and our daughter’s first ski trip was at 6 months. While we’ll focus on the hospitality side of travel somewhat, our priority is to enjoy the best of winter as a family. Thats not to say there’s not going to be mention of a few late night raves or looking for the best apres ski (Mayrhofen without a doubt). If you’re planning a skiing trip with your family, then this is the series of ski resort guides for you.

Couples Ski Trips or Skiing With a Group of Adults

On occasion we’ve been known to have a more adult friendly ski trip. We’ve stayed in some of the nicest hotels in resorts worldwide. With this in mind, we’ve also added some notes if you’re into great accommodation and food when in your chosen ski resort. Equally important is where you can get a good pint and a decent chat. We’ve got all bases covered.


Ski Resort Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ski resort?

A ski resort is an area or group of areas that have been developed to provide winter sports. Many ski resorts are traditionally built around mountain villages and towns, such as the French Alps or the Rockies in the US.

What are Winter Sports?

The most common winter sports are Skiing and Snowboarding. These and other activities fall into both professional and recreational sports. Other common winter sports include: ski jumping, bobsleigh, ice skating, ice hockey or sledding. Variations of skiing may include cross country or alpine (downhill).

Which ski resort is best for beginners?

All ski resorts will provide excellent facilities for beginner skiers of all ages. However many find it much less intimidating when skiing on quieter slopes. With this in mind, smaller resorts with a lesser number of runs are usually quieter than the larger resorts.

What is the best value ski resort?

Bulgaria is often touted as the cheapest destination for skiing, however there is great value to be had across all European resorts.

Where is the most luxurious ski resort?

In Europe, St Moritz and Courchevel are touted as the premium ski resorts. However, every resort across Europe will have luxurious 5* accommodation, wonderful restaurants and amenities.

What ski resort is good for a family?

Families with young children tend to be under-catered for in ski resorts. However, French resorts and in-particular those larger ski resorts often provide equal or better facilitates to rival the UK & Ireland.